A Call to Action – Reflections from Day 1


I’d like to share my experience with this 30 day challenge.

So, yesterday I started Day 1 of the 30 day challenge. I prayed early in the day. The prayer itself led me to think and ponder many different things. It opened up new ways for me to think and pray for others. I began to pray with a passion that has been hiding for some time.

Then, mid afternoon, I was driving – out running errands and such. As I left a store, I picked up my phone. I was just going to make a few phone calls, and just chat with friends and/or family. But, even after I picked up my phone, I felt urged to put it down. It was as if God said directly to me. No, talk to me instead. I felt it very strongly. So, I put my phone down and just began to pray. I felt led to pray for our church’s missioin team down in Honduras. I just prayed for whatever God put on my heart. (This challenge was one thing.) It was a very sweet time, and His presence was almost tangible. I felt closer to Him than I have in quite some time.

You see, those things might seem simple to you, but to me – it’s a breakthrough. I’ve been through some really difficult times recently, and God has met me exactly where I am, in a very real way. I’ve decided it’s time to quit playing Christian. To reach out in love to people within my reach, simply because. To get real with myself, and with God. So, this challenge came in pretty perfect timing. I have the faith to believe it’ll continue doing things within me, but also all those people (and the things) I’m praying for. I also believe it’ll be amazing to watch God in action through this, and the prayers and faithfulness of His people.


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