Prayer and Remembrance ~ September 11, 2012


For most people, well young adults and older, you can mention 9/11 and it will bring up some emotion, or memory of that day.  I personally remember where I was, what I was doing, and what emotions surrounded this day – as well as the days moving forward.  I remember every detail, and I will not ever forget.  As I sit here, I am just remembering the moments from that day that stick out in my head.  I was pregnant with our first child.  We had just moved to Washington DC, and my husband’s first day working at the Pentagon was September 11, 2001. What I vividly remember, though, is the pride and patriotism in the United States – this amazing country many of us call home.  In the days following, I would drive up the streets – any streets – and see flags adorning the roads.  Tears would well up in my eyes as I thought about the resolve that was on the forefronts of peoples minds that day.  We would not let that event tear us up, or bring us down.  We would fight back, and we would move forward – never forgetting.

Let the memory of this day prompt you to pray for all the families and friends of those who lost a spouse, family member or a friend that day.  They will not be forgotten.  This country will not forget.  As you pray, always remember to share gratitude for all the first-responder heroes of that day, as well as the “everyday” heroes all amongst us!

Do you have a “9/11” story to share?  Do you want to honor or remember anyone?  I’d love to hear, remember and pray for you today!


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