A Call to Action – Be Intentional!!!


On the coattails of Sunday’s post, I would like to issue a challenge.  It’s a personal challenge for me, and for anyone else who would like to respond.  I want to also share my thoughts on giving cheerfully.

Take the time today to consciously do something, no strings attached, for a friend, for family, or especially for a complete stranger.  It can be something simple like a smile.  Say hi to a stranger who looks sad, or like they need to know they aren’t alone in the world.  Buy someone’s food, coffee, etc in the drive thru.  Just search your own heart.  Ask yourself the kinds of things that would make a difference to you.  Put yourself in the shoes of that homeless person.  What would make their day?  Just get out there and do SOMETHING.  Be intentional with it.

Back to my last statement, I want to address something that I’ve had to personally deal with:  Being a cheerful giver.  With reference to this idea being played out, let’s think about that homeless person I just referenced.  You know the one – the one you see in Wal-Mart’s parking lot – with the sign, begging to work for food while you know deep down he’s just trying to scam for money.  Have you ever had those sort of thoughts?  I know I have.  However, I was recently convicted.  I realized that if I am doing something with a cheerful heart, and I believe God was leading me to be a blessing in someone’s life, why then should it matter?  Give cheerfully, be a blessing – and let God take care of those trying to get over.  Maybe they are there for free food, or to scam.  Even so, they deserve to know Jesus.  Grace is theirs, just as much as it is yours or mine.

As your day continues, make notes (even mental notes) of the things you did with no strings attached.  If you saw their reaction, what was it?  If you simply did a kind gesture anonymously, how did it make you feel?  What have your experiences with this been?


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