The Rugged Cross


I have seen this poem before, and it has always made an impact.  I was thinking about it today, and wanted to share.  He died for you, and He died for me — and the amazing part is that He’d do it all again.  He loves us that much.


The Rugged Cross

Manly was His virtue.
Steady was His gaze.
“Who is this that even
stormy wind and sea obey?”

Heavy was His burden.
Rugged was His way.
It hurts to know my sins increased
the price He had to pay.

In full, indeed, He paid it;
so now I can be free,
to live the life He carefully
selected just for me.

I know it won’t be easy.
I’ll feel the push and shove.
He, too, felt it, so I’d feel
the power of His love.

I wear a Rugged Cross to show
His love is tried and true.
He’s won the fight and earned the right
to tell me what to do.

Now when I’m tried and tempted
I’ll remember, He is boss;
and lovingly remember
He, too, wore a Rugged Cross.


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