Training For A Marathon


Think of all the things that go into a marathon.  There is so much preparation – both mental and physical.  A marathon is many things.  In technical terms, it is a long distance running event with an official distance of 26 miles, 385 yards – otherwise measured as 42.195 kilometers.  A little known fact is that this road race is named after the Greek Battle of Marathon, which took place in 490 BC.

In preparation for a marathon, an athlete will undergo a very vigorous season of training to develop stamina and figure out his/her physical limitations.  Long distance running demands much of the human body.  Runners, in preparation, must have an extensive training program that mixes endurance running with rest as well – insuring that the body is not damaged.

We have talked about what a marathon IS – but, now let’s focus on something that a marathon IS NOT.  A marathon is not a sprint.

In contrast to the longer distance marathons, sprints are short distance runs.  Running a sprint can be one of the most challenging exercise routines available.  It’s categorized as such because it utilizes all your energy and muscle power for short, but intense bursts.  Generally, the benefits are worth the effort.  It is excellent cardiovascular exercise, and increases your anaerobic ability, and can burn a great deal of calories in a relatively short time.  People who choose to run came into this world equipped with everything needed to ultimately succeed in a marathon.  Training just exercises, builds on and develops the strengths and muscles we were born with.

In likening running to life – it can be said that life is not a sprint.  Life is more like a marathon, even though it doesn’t always feel like it.  You can be sure it won’t be easy.  It will be both mentally and physically challenging, and will require more of you  than you’ll be fond of giving.  There will be so many times along the course that you will feel like giving up – like it’s not worth it.  As you walk through life (train), and go through life’s struggles, you will be increasing your stamina and endurance.  The more you stretch and exercise your body by completing the trials you go through, the more strength you will build.

An overview of life will point towards life being more like a marathon rather than a sprint.  Your marathon will be made up of both long and short distance runs.  Remember that, just as in a marathon, you’re in this thing called life for the long haul.  The key to completing the race is not giving up in the mean time.  Instead, let the race strengthen you.  Don’t give up.



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