Who Are You Representing???


I just wanted to share a quick reflection on some small things that happened yesterday. To start off my morning, I had the honor of serving / volunteering – and thus, was wearing my church shirt – proudly displaying our church name across the front. Volunteering went great, and the service was amazing. After church, we went to lunch. As I was about to pull into the one and only spot that was available in the entire parking lot, I felt that little tug – that the person that had just pulled up (and clearly angling for MY spot) needed that spot. I felt urged to wave her on into the spot, and to go on and find another place to park in the capacity lot. I had no idea what she might have been going through, but it was clear that I needed to give up the spot. What I didn’t realize is how instrumental something so small would be in initiating conversation with my children about doing the right thing, about acting how God wants us to act, and for listening to His leading — even in the small things. Don’t worry. We got a spot. We drove around the building a time or two. When we got back around, my ten year old proudly exclaimed that there was another spot just opening up, and it was for us! He said (wise little boy) that it amazed him that when we listen to God, He will often give us something better. Now, that’s a simple concept – but it’s true on so many levels.

When we surrender our lives to Him, and allow Him to work in and through us, that is when life-change happens. There are times that nothing terrible will happen if we don’t heed His voice, but the reward is beyond measure when we do.

As we were walking in, I remembered I was wearing my church shirt. I smiled. I, then, remembered the significance of this. Wearing this shirt, I am a representative of my Church. More than that, though, I am a representative of Jesus. There was another occasion at lunch that, let’s just say, frustrated me. I was upset, and was justified in this. However, I paused to think. While I was thinking, I felt the need to just sit and be still. To allow God to be God. So, my son asked if I was going to go over and talk to the person and basically put them in their place. I told him no, and he asked why. Another opportunity for some life lessons. I explained what I did at the beginning of this paragraph. I am representing our church, and also Jesus. I shared with Him that everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves grace. I also explained that I’m human, and had all sorts of different, less pleasing to God, responses prepared. However, God also gives us self control. While it’s our choice to exercise said self control, it’s definitely wisdom. Sometimes doing the right thing in the eyes of God doesn’t mean doing what feels good to you – or even what you may be justified in. Nothing else became of that particular situation, and there was peace once again.

I would urge you, while wearing a church or other organization shirt or not, always remember what, and more importantly WHO you represent. As a Christian, you might be the only representative of Jesus a person sees. Make it the right impression!


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