Still Faith Remains


I would like to give my readers an inside look at this past week – for no other reason than it can give you a targeted way to pray. That, and I’d also like to share my gratitude with each and every one of you. I thank you for reading, for caring and for connecting/reaching out.

With regards to the cryptic explanations I’ve given thus far, I’d like to share a little more. This past week has been quite the whirlwind in my life. Not all bad, but just happening all around me. Most things outside of my control. Last week, during routine breast exam, I discovered breast lumps/masses. I went to the doctor the next day, and the concern was the possibility of breast cancer. I also had a diagnostic mammogram and ultrasound two days ago. The disconcerting issue was not what they saw on imaging, but what did not show up. The “palpable masses” as they were referred to did not show up on imaging at all. They could be felt, but not seen. I questioned this, wondering how exactly that happened. Anyway, it just evidently does. They referred to it as possibly a stealth tumor.

To get a better look at what we are or aren’t facing, I’ve been referred to a breast surgeon for consult. We will decide how to proceed. I was told the likely course would be either biopsy or lumpectomy.

My reasoning for writing this post is to share gratitude with each of you for reading, but much more – for praying. As I have said before – I obviously hope this is not breast cancer, and that God completely heals every aspect of my body. Beyond that, however, I want to surrender this area of my life to Him: my health. As silly as it sounds to many, this is a reality and necessity for me. No matter what happens, I want to put my life and health in His hands…trusting that He knows exactly how to take care of me. He has given me this life, body and health I have, and I am blessed. Regardless of what health issues arise, I am His. I’m continuing to pray that my eyes remain focused on Him, with my trust also in Him – KNOWING that He’s got this!

This is a lesson that is becoming a reality in my life, and I pray in the lives of all who read this. Know today how valuable you are to God, and how He knows your every details. No matter the nature of your life, concerns or difficulties – He is there, asking for you to trust Him. Trust Him with all of you. He will not ever let you down.

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