The Little Things – Hope Is Real!!


The little things is a campaign my church (Skyline) is practicing it’s motto of loving God, loving others and making a difference. As a church, we are striving to reach out within this community and beyond to make a lasting impact. It acts on the premise that little things and big things alike can make a lifetime of difference. Sometimes, a person might just need a momentary reminder that someone cares – that they aren’t alone in this world – and that even a stranger would care enough to share kindness. Our pastor has encouraged creativity with this, and wants to see love spreading like wildfire. It is with this fire and passion that we will see a difference and watch life change happen.


Today I did not actually intentionally set out to do anything in particular with The Little Things. As has become my custom, however, I carried plenty with me everywhere I went – just in case the need arose. As I was driving to pick up dinner, I felt a huge urge to pull into a place I already go from time to time. I didn’t think of it on my own, of that I’m now convinced. I drove up, and quickly became aware of my purpose there this evening.

To rewind a little bit, earlier this afternoon I put on a shirt that reads: Hope is Real (from the organization To Write Love On Her Arms AKA TWLOHA). This organization, and the message of hope they share is beautiful. I felt like today was a day, if only via a printed t-shirt, to share hope with the world.

Fast forward back to this evening. After I paid for my items, I felt led to pay a small amount towards someone else’s next transaction. Since no one was around, or behind me at the time, I asked the cashier to pass this (the Little Things card and a small amount of cash) along to the next person who needed it. She was visibly touched. She asked questions about the campaign, and also about the shirt I was wearing. Being familiar with TWLOHA, she asked if I had a personal reason behind the shirt. I explained that yes, I have had personal struggles but, as well as have lost people to suicide. I also very briefly explained some of the volunteering work I have done with crisis intervention and people hurting in such a real way.

Not wanting to pry, but wanting her to know she was not alone, I simply asked her if she had a story as it related to this. She proceeded to tell me about her brother, who had committed suicide just three months prior, actually on her birthday. My heart broke with her. Partially because I’ve experienced losing people close to suicide, partially because I’ve struggled with some pretty real pain at times, and mostly because she was hurting. Her pain was very real. Her life had been forever changed by and with this loss.

I’m sure my talking with her may had an impact on her – but the impact it had on me cannot be summed up in words. Like I said, it broke my heart to hear her story, but was an honor to share hope and His love in a real life practical way. I was able to pray for her, and just be a friend how He led.

I encourage you to listen to that nudge, or that urge you might otherwise ignore. You may have no idea why, and feel the need to go somewhere you otherwise wouldn’t have at that time – but God can and will use something such as The Little Things campaign to spark conversation and open dialog to allow God to work on another persons heart – as well as your own. Just keep an open mind, and an open heart – and be willing to follow where He leads. You never know how much impact the little things really can have.


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