Happy New Year’s Day – Starting 365 Reasons To Be Grateful


In addition to my regular blog posts, I am going to start something new. Every day, I will strive to post at least one thing I am grateful for. The moment of gratitude for the day may end up as a long post, or it may be a short post. The entire scope of what I hope to achieve is to just share gratitude. I firmly believe that people will not hesitate to complain when things aren’t going right, or as planned. Far fewer people take the time to sit back and see the good in the world. When something goes well, very few people seem to take the time to simply say thank you.

Through this personal look at life, I will be sharing gratitude where gratitude is due, and in places often neglected. It is my goal to make you think. It is my hope that you will take the time to think about the things we sometimes take for granted, but in some instances, things we cannot live without.

As I post, I welcome you to share your own gratitude. Feel free to message me directly via my contact page, or as a comment posted.


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