365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful for Sunrises


As silly as it may sound to some, I am thankful for sunrises. Sunrises are beautiful, and are a great reminder that we are alive. When a new day dawns, it’s easy to just go about your day and not think about these things. However, I challenge you to take a look around you. Look outside the four walls of your home. If you’re not a morning person, take time to just sit back and relax, enjoying a sunset. The sheer beauty is amazing.

As I was chatting with a friend yesterday, I learned some fun little facts about sunrises. With an average age of 78.2 years old, the average person would live to see 28,543 sunrises! For you other math geeks out there (please know I say that jokingly – some just like the neat little facts more than others) it’s neat to add that, in those same 78.2 years, you’ll be alive for 685,032 hours, and approximately 41,101,920 minutes. Crazy when you break it down like that.

So yes, I’m thankful today for sunrises! Do you enjoy sunrises or sunsets more? (Thinking on it now, I might lean towards sunsets actually. Love sunsets!)


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