365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For First Responders (Prayers Requested For Newtown, Connecticut)


As I sit here, tears flood my eyes. Again. My heart breaks. Again. If I could send a message to Newtown, CT – it would be this: You are not forgotten! You are loved. Thoughts and prayers are still going out on your behalf.

It’s interesting. The saying is true. Time doesn’t erase horrible things that have happened, but it does make them easier to deal with. That’s true. However, and I wasn’t even there that day, the emotions are still very real. My heart breaks, and my tears still fall. As I read accounts of those who followed that call of duty – to what has undoubtedly become one of the most horrible days of their lives, I still cannot imagine.

I read a really great article last night. It was so real. So down to earth. It was that day, all summed up. There was a massive amount of information (I’m sure) not put out there, mostly out of respect for the families, as well as to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation. However, I am grateful to have read it. Not because I like to cry, but instead because I like to pray. This article is a recipe for how to pray. If you ever aren’t sure how to pray, read it. It’ll break your heart, but it will help you pinpoint your prayers.

Newtown, CT – you are not forgotten!!

I wrote about this on Facebook last night. This is what I had to say:

***Warning: Tissues needed!!****

I don’t normally post stories like this, especially ones that have me in tears over and over again. However, God’s got Newtown, CT on my heart – and this article explains a little bit of why. As I sit in tears reading this, my heart continues to break with all those who lost someone that day, as well as with all the first responders still healing as well.

Please take a moment to pray for those involved. They still need it. This article is heartbreaking, but it is a recipe of how to pray.



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