365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Fun At The Pinewood Derby


Today, just like this timeframe every year, is a day met with much anticipation. My boys are both in the Cub Scouts. Each year, they get the opportunity to participate in the Pinewood Derby. This is where these little pine blocks of wood have been turned into little racing machines. You get to handcraft a little car to race against your peers. You get to design it from the block of wood to the final paint finishing.

In previous years, we have approached the Pinewood Derby to just have fun. Yes, they wanted to win, but they were more interested in the car design than the fastness of said design. This year, we knew the recipe for a winning design. So, the choice became theirs – did they want a car that looked neat, or a car that went really fast. As we’ve determined for the previous several years, you can’t always have both. They both had fun, and also raced really well. One child took first place in three of four races (2nd place in the one not placing first), and my other child took first place in all four races he competed in. They both came in second place in their grouping. Out of the entire Cub Scout Pack, one child came in 5th place, and the other 10th place overall.

As you can imagine, they were both thrilled. This was my oldest child’s last year as a Cub Scout. It made his day to walk away with a trophy. No, it wasn’t first place, but he did not care. He had fun, and he won something.

I’m thankful for a day of fun and smiles shared by many.


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