365 Moments Of Gratitude – Thankful For A Love and Marriage Worth Fighting For, Especially Today


Today is Valentine’s Day. There are so many things worth fighting for in life – love being paramount. Love is such a special thing – and celebrating it should take place year ’round — not just on this day. However, since today is a day in celebration of this, I wanted to talk about love a little bit.

I am truly blessed to know love. First and foremost – love from the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. To experience even a fraction of His love has enabled me to reach out and love others in a way I didn’t always even understand myself. It’s hard to reach out in love when you don’t fully grasp it yourself. God’s redeeming love is life-changing. His love has opened my eyes to see things in a different light. My marriage, for example. It isn’t perfect. (I’d like to meet the couple who says theirs is!) However, it is something worth fighting for.

Learning to reach out in love, and to see things through eyes not just my own – priceless! I think that is key – allowing yourself to look through someone else’s eyes. When you do not agree or even understand another person’s point of view, do you even attempt to see both sides of the coin? Do you want to know how or why they feel how they do? I have seen interesting things happen when I take the time – and I really mean make a concerted effort – to care enough to see both sides of the conversation. It makes a difference.

I’m thankful to God for helping me reach out in love – today and always.


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