Did You Know – McDonald’s Offers A Military Discount


I do not advocate eating all meals at McDonald’s, and I am aware that there are healthier options out there. As such, I wanted to pass something along. If you are military, related to it, or otherwise have a military ID card – a little known fact (that, come to find out, employees aren’t allowed to mention) is that McDonald’s offers a military discount…at least around here. I’m not sure if this is nationwide policy, but it would be good to find out. When directly asked about their policy, I learned that they won’t even OFFER it to a service member in uniform unless they ask. I personally find that sad.

Like I said, there are healthier options out there, but if you find yourself at McDonald’s and you have a military id, please don’t hesitate to ask. You’ve earned it.

Please share and pass this along.

Also, I’d love it if you’d sound off with your experiences. No matter your area, please let me know if your area offers a military discount. I’m curious. You can post here in comments or send me a message via my “contact me” page. Thanks! (I will edit/update this post with results as they come in.


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  1. Hello….I found out they give discounts to military around 6 mos ago around the San Antonio area and it was an employee that noticed my disabled vet plates that brought it to my attention…when I asked her if all McDonald’s honor that she replied “they’re supposed to” and the other McDonalds I went to did honor the discount when I asked for it and I never had any problems getting it until today when I went to get lunch for myself and a couple other ppl through the drive thru at the Starzville Texas McDonalds when I asked for the military discount they told me they don’t have or honor it! I was so surprised that all the others I went to did and that they didn’t considering this area has such a large military presence…what a disappointment so I will never go back to that one again unless they start honoring the military the way the rest of them have that discovered…I’m also not an advocate for always eating at a McDonalds because of healthier choices but every now and then there’s still nothing like the taste of their double cheeseburgers…lol.

    • Thank you for taking the time to read and reply here. I’m contemplating contacting that location directly, and/or their corporate headquarters. Not to get anyone in trouble, but to inquire, and share your story, if you don’t mind.

  2. The McDonalds in Ellicott City, MD does not offer military discount! I just asked what their policy was for military discount and the young man had to ask his manager about it and she said that they don’t offer it.

  3. They refused to give my husband military discount because he was was not in uniform. The gal was actually very rude about it. It was almost like the money was coming out of her own pocket. This was in Fort Dodge, Iowa today.

    • Oh man. I’m sorry to hear about your experience. If he had and showed military id, that’s the thing. I would never tell you what to do, but if you can, I’d call the corporate number and share this experience. If nothing else, your husband deserves respect, not rudeness. Maybe they could use some retraining on customer service. I wish you guys the best. Keep me posted, or feel free to ask any questions.

  4. No military discount here in Great Falls, Montana home of Malmstrom Air Force Base. I just bought lunch and asked for a military discount. Now given. Shame on them.

  5. So tonight I get an order from my pregnant wife asking me if I can go get her some fries from mcdonalds due to her cravings so I go to mcdonalds and ordered 1 large frie and 1 medium frie and as well for myself I got an apple pie well I pull up to the window and show the lady working at the register my military ID and ask do yall fo military discount and she said no we don’t offer that well while I’m waiting in the drive thru I’m still sitting in the line right in front of the window with the register and the manager comes walking by and I stopped him and ask do you offer military discount and as well i showed him my ID and he as well said no we dont we are not even allowed to offer it because we are told not to and I think this is sad men and women in uniform are getting paid under minimum wage and we can’t even get a discount for our food at a simple mcdonalds and all I’m trying to feed is my wife and my unborn child to myself I think it is extremely sad that this is happening in this day.. thank you sorry my rant is over.

    • Friend, I’m grateful for several things. First, that you took the time to share your experience, but more than that, that you’ve connected here. I also want you to hear the words that I’m grateful for you’re service. I’d like to take it a step further. If you’d like, I’d be happy to reach out (to the corporation) on your behalf. I can’t guarantee anything will happen, but I can guarantee they’ll hear your story. Your story grabbed my heart. Mostly because I’ve served, and I’ve been there. Feel free to send me a message. I’ll do what I can. Remember, you’re valued, and never alone.

  6. I live in Austi Tx and they do not offer any discount to military veterans cause I have asked . I bothers me cause I have served in the military for 22 yrs and Vietnam and back and no respect.Some of these employees don’t even know what to do or offer anything

    • First things first – thank you for your service. I value the sacrifices you’ve made for this country we call home. Second. Thanks for letting me know. I’m saddened to hear this. I wish more companies showed more respect those who served and who still serve. We live in new times, to say the least. Thank you again for your service.

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