365 Moments Of Gratitude – Thankful For Safe Emergency Landing


Today I am grateful to God for His angels. This afternoon, I got the following text from our news station:

Plane to make crash landing at Cahokia airport. Eight people are on board a jet trying to land at Parks Airport due to gear problems.

I immediately began to pray, then rallied troops around the world (courtesy of the internet) to pray as well. I posted the following on Facebook – included with a link to the live feed:

Watching now, praying for a miracle. Would you join me in praying for the safe landing of this plane, and all 8 folks on board? Time is now. (Plane is going to make a crash landing due to gear problems…is currently circling the little airport trying to get rid of more fuel before being forced to make a crash landing.) Let’s pray for their safety!

For a short amount of time, all we knew (and saw video of) was that this jet was circling over the Cahokia airport, trying to rid itself of excess fuel before attempting to make a crash landing. I’m not sure what sequence of events happened – but pretty quickly, they decided to make the trip to the St. Louis Lambert airport. Evidently, Lambert had a better idea of how to get the plane landed safely.

After a few minutes of waiting on the plane to arrive at Lambert, the news crew on the ground at the airport reported having witnessed the non-violent emergency landing. This is what I had to say about it on Facebook:

Thanking God – emergency landing took place at Lambert. It was evidently a smooth (as can be) non-violent landing. No collision or sparks. Thanking God for His angels! According to the news crew watching from Lambert, it appeared the landing gear fixed itself. Said the landing gear(nose) had previously been stuck and turned – according to eye witness accounting. They are now saying that it looked vertical and in proper working condition. My goodness…coincidence or not – I say this is God in action.

I firmly believe God’s hand of protection, and His angels were standing (or flying!?) guard around this plane and all who were inside it. Whatever the situation, however the landing gear was fixed – thus allowing a safe landing – I’m grateful to God for His protection.


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