Here We Go Again


Well, I am just going to cut to the chase, and say that we didn’t hear the news we wanted to today with regards to my daughter’s cancer testing / scans. 😦

The spot found on her spine that was possibly an enlarged blood vessel, wasn’t. It was a tumor, and it had grown. There was another. There was an area of enhancement that we’ll know more about tomorrow.

At this point, we’re just processing everything. The radiologist report will tell a little more.

To those who will ask, what now..? Here is what we know. Janet will go in early next week for a spinal tap. They will be determining if there are tumor cells in her spinal fluid. That will help determine how to proceed.

What are her treatment options? That, we’re also waiting on more details on. Surgery might, MIGHT be an option again, but not as likely. Depending on what we’re looking at overall will tell that. She had some craniospinal radiation with her treatment before, so that form of radiation also might (or might not) be an option. There could be focused / focal radiation as an option – so again, we shall see. Right now, chemo might be an option as well. Presently the thought would be an outpatient chemo regimen…that would follow after radiation or within the week or so if radiation isn’t on the table.

As you can see, there are a lot of unknowns. There are a lot of maybe, maybe not’s….When we were at Children’s today, her neurosurgeon showed me the scans, and talked to me about them, but did not have the radiologist report in yet – so again, not all the facts. But, we know enough. 😦

So, as we know and find out more, I will update everyone. To those who pray, thanks in advance for all the prayers that are, or will be said on her (and our) behalf!


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