The First And The Last Day Of My Life 


When you make the choice to embark on a new adventure, what emotions surround you? Excitement? Joy? Happiness? Nervousness? Fear? What do those feelings do? Do they put shackles around you and hold you back, or do you use them as stepping stones to help propel you further? You have a choice. 

If you are driven, you will take on this task with vigor. You won’t back down. You’ll move forward with excitement – expecting greatness. Nothing will stand in your way. You start strong – knowing you won’t back down. 

Think about your life. What if you knew that today was your last 24 hours with breath in your lungs, abs with a heart that beats. What if you were going to die just after the stroke of midnight? 

What would you do? How could you possibly prepare? Would you make a list, and check it twice? 

I don’t know about you, but I would imagine there would be an intense and undeniable sense of urgency. To do even a fraction of the things I want to accomplish, I would need to not waste time. I would absolutely HAVE to be intentional with my time. I would not allow fear to have a resting place. My choices would dictate the flow of the day – and the success or failures involved. 

That would be one very productive day. It would have tremendous meaning and value. It would be a day unlike any other. 

Okay, stop right there. Close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths. Clear your mind, and choose sit with me for a few more moments. 

What impact could you have if you lived every day like both the first day (of a new venture) and the last of your life? If you approached the day with the intensity of both those combined – just ponder the impact, the footprint you could have on the world, YOUR world. 

What are your passions? What talents do you have to offer? How can you make an impact and add value to the world? How can you make the choices that lead to success?

I urge you today – live your life intentionally, on purpose, and like it was the first and last day with breath in your lungs and a beating heart.


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