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Tired Of Wearing Masks



See that!? It’s symbolic of masks most people put on every – single – day. Well, I speak for no one other than myself – but I can honestly say that I’m sick and tired of it.

Let me explain.

Reality now tells me that people want transparency. People need authenticity and, at times, even vulnerability. It’s common knowledge that those things aren’t always easy – but they ARE worth it.

See, I’m simply tired of needing to put on a strange variety of masks. I honestly don’t have the time or energy to figure out what I’m supposed to feel, look like, or act like around whatever company I’m with. I have recently concluded that people will either like me, or they won’t. (No big revelation there.) That said, I’ve also decided that I want people to know me for ME – not the me they envision I should be.

I want to know others, and be known. I want to love people, and allow myself to also be loved. I want to be valued, you see, for me. For what I am. Not for what I can do, or for who I know.

It is absolute truth that my heart, though healing, is also shattered – and prone to break at times. It is during these times that I’ve learned to simply be me. No more facade. No more masks. I know with this sorry if “take it (me) or leave it” attitude, many may walk away. If that’s the case, know that it’s okay. I need real people to connect with. I need people who are present and accounted for. I need community, and so do you.

Let’s address you.

You wear masks you (maybe even secretly) that you wish you could take off – but you don’t I will spare you the awkwardness of asking you why. I know why. Because I AM you. So I can tell you this.

You may have grown comfortable with a mask. The longer you wear a mask, the longer you stay to mold to it. At some point, it’ll become difficult to tell the difference in the mask and your true identity.

Let that sink in for a moment.

The longer you keep up a facade, the longer it will try to cup away at and ultimately destroy the real you.

I challenge you THIS DAY. Take off your masks. Let down your facade. Stop pretending to be something you’re not. Stop seeking the temporary strength you might feel from covering up the beauty that is the real you.

You be you! You’re the very best person to tell YOUR story. Don’t tell their story. Plow your own way through – and don’t be afraid to tell your story – even the painful parts.

What you will find as you take off the mask is maybe some brokenness. Maybe some cracks that need mending. Don’t be afraid of those places. Love them. Be gentle with them. See their value, and give them a voice. You will find yourself surprised at the sheer beauty you’ll find hiding – hiding behind that mask.

Will you do this for yourself? But, is also like to ask – will you also do it for me? You see, I need you, and you need me. We can sit together in this pain – and we can be broken together.