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365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful for the YMCA


Today will be the first time I’ve gone back to the YMCA since I had the tumor removed. The stitches are still there, but it seems to be healing nicely. I will be taking it easy, but need to continue my quest of healthier living and a greater level of fitness.

I am grateful for the YMCA. Our local YMCA is an amazing place, and truly a community. There are people from all walks of life, and all stages of fitness ability. I’m grateful for a place to belong, and somewhere that welcomes you as you are, and helps you on your fitness journey. It means a lot that someone is there with you every step of the way – always available to answer questions or give you direction.

Thank you YMCA for promoting an atmosphere for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. The community and atmosphere that is available makes healthy life change not only a possibility, but a reality.