Let’s Talk about Prayer


One thing that this challenge is doing is encouraging me to pray.  Yes, to pray the specific “challenge” prayer, but to just talk to God (prayer) whenever and for whatever reason.  For many people, prayer is some sophisticated ritualistic thing that requires hours and hours. What we (and by we, I mean me) fail to realize sometimes is that prayer is nothing more than talking to God.  It can incorporate so much more, and can be structured etc…but, don’t get caught up in the symantecs and requirements to pray “X” amount of time.  Let the Holy Spirit lead and guide you.

With all that said, something I’m learning is that God loves when you simply come to Him…in both the good times, and the not so good times.  Something in your life may not be going well,and you might be mad about it.  Tell God.  Scream. Cry. He can take it.  That’s what amazes me about God.  He loves us with a never-ending, passionate love.  There is NOTHING we can do that will make Him love us any less.  Thank God and show gratitude when things ARE right in your life.  Seek Him then too.

Always know that you can (and should) go to God with any situation, any conversation on your heart.  I keep saying this, but I need to reiterate…for myself as much as for anyone reading. Praise him and seek His face when times are tough – but also don’t forget Him when times are happy, and when all is going well.  He is worth our all, all the time.

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