God, Use My Hands!


This is my little girl, holding a painting God put on my heart two days ago.  As I was praying, I just kept feeling led to paint.  I had a variety of ideas, but this one is the first one that I created.  I paint a variety of different things, in all sorts of different ways.  This one, however was unique.  How it was created was a first for me.

As I was gathering supplies, I kept feeling the need to put my brushes away.  What’s this you say?  Paint a picture with no brushes?  Well, that’s exactly what I did.  I created the entire painting (from the base coat on the canvas, to the mixture of colors, texture, more colors, etc) minus of the actual writing – all by hand.  Think finger painting, adult style.  This may sound odd to you.  It certainly did to me.  Equally as strange in my head, is that I felt as if God was directing me to use only my hands, and that these are the same hands that He will use to share hope and love.  As I was creating what was shaping up to be a frame, I still could not decide what to put on the inside of it.  Whether it was God behind my thought processes for sure or not, I don’t know — but what I DO know is that I had fun.

In my thinking and praying on it, I felt like Jeremiah 29:11 would fit perfectly.  So, there you have it.  My little hand-made creation.


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