Prayer and Sharing Jesus – Not Only Powerful, but NECESSARY!!


What I am about to write about is personal, a bit heartbreaking, and just some reflections on how and why prayer is so powerful – and why it is necessary.  Along those lines, why it is paramount that we do not sit back quietly, keeping Jesus neatly packaged up, as our gift to ourselves.  We simply MUST share Him with those around us – with family, with friends, with anyone really.

I’d like to share with you the scenarios behind why this is such an urgency.  It always should be, but when tragedy strikes, we realize just how much we wish we could have shared the hope of Jesus with the world.

This sense of urgency comes because there are so many lost people, all around us.  I have some heartbreaking news to share with you, with the hopes not of just sharing bad news, but rather to light a fire, fanning the flame.  This is no joke folks.  There are hurting people, some who have no way to find a way out of their pain.  They take drastic measures, all in hopes of some sort of escape.

Just this week, I had one friend attempt suicide.  She is in the hospital, and the prognosis is not good.  There has been some good news sprinkled in with the bad, and I keep reiterating that HOPE IS REAL.  I proclaim that she will live, and she will not die.  Not only that, but  I agree with the prayers of friends – she will have a quick and full recovery.  I believe that she’ll be a living testimony of who Jesus is as a result of this experience, and her life moving forward.  I have that faith.

Just yesterday, I had another friend who is heartbroken because her cousin passed away yesterday.  He also took his own life – saw suicide as his only escape.

Also yesterday, yet another friend (completely unrelated to the previous) experienced a family member loss to suicide.  The person who passed away, her young (12 year old) son found her.  Praying that God hold him, and comfort him like only He is able.

I don’t tell you these stories for the shock value, but rather to just show this.  I am ONE person. One.  And, I have three friends whose lives, or the lives of their families have been radically changed (though not in a good way) because of this.  Sometimes people are out in the open with their pain, and sometimes not.  Sometimes a suicide really is a huge surprise.  Either way, it shows me that it is PARAMOUNT to share Jesus with everyone.  The hope found in Jesus, and in Him alone has the power to heal broken hearts, to carry a person through the pain, etc.  However, if they never hear this, they see no other way.  This is not to say that there was ANYTHING that ANYONE could have done differently in these above cases – and far be it from me to make anyone feel guilt as  a result.  It is just a wake up call for me because you just never know how that smile, that heartfelt “hello, how are you?” or moment to just care about a person will affect them.  It might literally be the difference in life and death.

Speaking from personal experience, sharing the love and hope found in Jesus really does make a difference, and is life changing.  I know what it’s like to hurt, and to feel pain – but thank God, I also know the radical life-changing love through our Savior.  One of my favorite songs has this line, “The Arms that hold the universe are holding you today.”  Take that one in for a moment.  Really think about it.  The creator of this entire world – He loves you and He loves me that much.  Take this life changing love and hope into any part of the world you’re able to affect.  Be bold with your faith.


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  1. So sorry. My heart breaks with yours and for you. Thank you for these words. It is easy to think that there will be time to share the Good News. Of course, we never can be sure of that. This reminder is so important.
    Blessings to you.

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