Embracing His Call


Let your hearts break and your love overflow for people. Embrace the call, and go out into all the world and declare the name of Jesus!  That is something that really resonates with me right now.

Let our hearts break with and for people.  That sounds sad.  In one way, it is – but in another, it’s a blessing.  It’s a blessing to follow the call.  When others are hurting, have empathy.  When an entire nation is in poverty, lacking basic necessities, not having proper nutrition, etc – let God give you compassion and a love for people in such a way that your heart breaks for His people.

But, when you feel that tug – when you feel that pull at your heartstrings – don’t just ignore it. Do something about it!  Pray and ask God how He might use you to make a difference.  Sometimes making a world of difference can simply mean taking the time to listen, really listen to someone.  Care about what they have to say.  Reach out and share hope in combination with love.

What you sometimes have no idea about is just how much what seems to you to be a simple gesture will actually mean in the life of another.  What may seem simple to you might be life changing to someone else.  React in love, instead of anger, when you feel you’ve been wronged.

Take, for instance, a practical example that happened to me in the drive thru.  McDonalds has this odd two lane ordering system that funnels into one lane to go to the windows to pay.  There was a lady who seemed to be in a rush, and pretty unfriendly.  She essentially cut me off to get to the ordering box sooner.  I’ll admit – my first reaction wasn’t a nice one.  However, I heard the Lord say, “No. Forgive her.”  I have no idea what is, or was going on in her life.  Maybe she was having a rough start to her day.  I have no idea.  But, I kept feeling led to forgive and share grace.  So, I did something so very strangely against all I’m used to.  Ironically, I ended up in front of her to pay and get my food.  But, that’s not the point.  When I got up to the window, I felt an urge to do something that would show His love and grace.  Simple gesture.  I paid for her food.  It wasn’t expensive, but it surely made my day much brighter.  All I asked the lady who took my money to do, was to give her a note.  It was an encouraging note that said that someone had paid for her order, no strings attached, etc.

I biggest thing I took away from that whole experience is the age old saying ringing so true: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you….NOT “Do unto others as a result of what they’ve done unto you.”  They are both similar statements, but with very different meanings. Take time to think about it.  I know I am.  Forgiveness.  Grace.  Love.  JESUS.  Share Jesus with them – with all whom you’re able to connect with.


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