The Forever Quest – Finding Your Calling


I’m sure I’m not alone in my thoughts. So many people, myself included, are on that quest in life seeking purpose, something more, what they are destined for, etc. And, when it’s not found, or not immediately revealed, it can be discouraging…or lead to a person thinking they aren’t good enough, and will never make it. People judge their own success based on some superficial idea of what they *should* be doing.

I’d argue this – success is a very different picture for everyone. What may be your ultimate success may not phase me in the least. What I may see as successful may not mean beans in the eyes of the world. What I want to stress is that success, and feeling that sense of accomplishment is very individual.

Let’s look at me, for example. I am a stay at home mom to my beautiful children. So, my picture of success is watching my children grow up, knowing I’m doing my best to instill in them morals and values. Seeing them make the right choices, grow up, and just be the amazing little blessings from God that they are- that is one ideal picture of success– at least in my head. I don’t have that successful career, or a lifetime of accolades that tell me I’m great. But, I have the laughter, smiles and hugs that do just that. See, it’s all in perspective.

But, it goes further and deeper than that. I’ve often wondered what “my calling” in life is. I want to live life to the fullest, and to reach that aforementioned purpose. However, for me at least, that purpose has been a part of me, right under my nose the whole entire time. I have recently come to realize that who I am IS important – and that I AM living God’s purpose for MY life. You’ll notice I emphasize the word MY…because God does not expect us all to do the same things, or to respond to the same call. He gives us all strengths, passions, reasons for being. I have come to realize that one of (if not THE) most important things for me right now is people. I have a passion for other people. I have experienced life on many levels. I have had good, and bad times. In the midst of it all, I have learned what it’s like to hurt – but also what it’s like to be loved, and find that hope. My sole purpose in life – at least right now – is to share that same love and hope with others. To encourage the world. To let people know that they aren’t alone. To let them know they are important, and that their life matters. To just be a friend to the friendless. To care for the hopeless. To share hope. That is the recurring theme here. Now, that may not seem like much to you, but it is the world to me. To reach out in love is truly life-changing….to the person you reach out to, but also within.

I say all that to just encourage you – don’t live your life on an ever growing quest to find your purpose. Take a moment to reflect – realizing that you may already be living your greatest gift. No matter who you are, have faith in yourself. Love you for you. You ARE special. You ARE important. Your life matters beyond what you may ever know.


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