Let Him Lead You


I am constantly reminded of how grateful I am to be in a place (church) that I am. I feel confident that God led me there, at the very time He did, for His own reasons. It’s called life change.

Now, I have no idea why it took so long for me to realize that now is the time, and to get real with God again.  Whatever the reasons may be, God lead me there recently – and I am SO grateful that He did. I have learned and grown SO much in the relatively short time I’ve been there.  I have been excitedly attending church week after week. God is a faithful God, and His presence fills the church service. It is my prayer that he touches every single person in attendence, as well as those unable to attend. May His fire burn with intensity in our hearts. But, more than that – I pray that I am able to take that same fire, intensity and passion with me daily. I mean on church days and non-church days alike. I want to share His true heart-warming, life changing love with the world. I know I am only one person, but I know God has called each and every person alive to Himself. He gives us free will to choose, but wants us to be a part of His family. We are His children, and He loves us with a greater passion than any of us can relate to or even understand.

I constantly see the hand of God, and the heart of God poured out in a very real way. This church is on fire. If we are seeking Him, and want to be closer, there is a fire that burns away the mediocrity. It burns away complacency. It burns away all the impurities that would keep us from drawing closer to God. It helps us be pure vessels that He can work through.

I want nothing more than to be real. I want nothing more to be in the hands of my Creator. I want to be a vessel that He can work through. When others see me, I want them to be able to know Him. I want Him to be apparent to those who know and see me. I want to be available to Him, to do with me anything He chooses – and in His own time. I believe it’s all about knowing that God is God, and He knows what he is doing. Trusting Him is paramount to walking everyday in His plan.

With regards to His plan, today was “bring a friend weekend” at church. No one I invited was able to attend (and that’s okay) but today I had a very proud Mama moment.

Before I tell that story, let me rewind and share what led up to today’s proud moment. My (10 year old) son and I had a conversation that went something like this:
Him: You know how that invite a friend thing is coming up at church?
Me: Yes I do…why do you ask?
Him: Well, first, does our church allow Baptists to come?
(Maintaining my composure because it was just too cute)
Me: Yes, of course they do. Why are you asking?
Him: Because there is this new kid at school and I asked him if he wanted to come to church with me…and he said his family is Baptist but that they haven’t found a church to go to yet.
Me: That’s pretty awesome buddy.
Him: But what if his parents don’t want to go, do you think we can bring him with us?
Me: Yes I’m sure we can take him if his parents allow that.
**end conversation**

So now fast forward to today’s service. My sons friend and parents came and attended today’s service. What I also found out was that his friends father made the decision to give his life to Jesus today. Talk about God’s timing in connection with the faith of a child.

This story blessed me and just further instills in me the fact that I am where God called me for this season of my life. (Hoping its a very long season!) It just makes my heart happy to see life change happen in such a real way. God moves and lives are changed.


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