Having A Church Family – Priceless!


I just wanted to share something with all who take the time to read this.  I’ve been thinking, and something really touched me last night.  I have realized what having a church FAMILY really means.  As I mentioned in a recent entry, I have recently (end of April, 2012) started attending Skyline Church.  Being a part of a church family is about so much more than I am used to. It’s so much more than just the four walls of a church building.  It’s so much more than all the members you see once a week.  It’s about being there for other people, and about allowing them to be there for you.  It’s about doing this thing called life together – every day of the week, not just on Sunday mornings. It’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus – with each other, well as with our greater community and beyond. I just haven’t ever been a part of a church family that I have connected with and allowed to become family.

Yesterday, I spent the greater part of the day in the emergency room.  I was having random chest pain, was a bit light-headed, and my pulse and blood pressure were fairly elevated.  So, I reached out and asked for prayer.  The first reply was, “of course” but then what quickly followed was “what can we do to help?”  They asked if I needed help with the kids, etc.  Several people also reached back to let me know they’re praying for me, and asked just showed love.  I realized right then and there, how much this is more than people I see each week – it’s the body of Christ, and a true family.

I’m floored by the amount of love God has for me, as is evident in the people He has in my life.  I’m blessed to do life with them.  Thanking God for the passion and love for people, as displayed by my church family – for me, for each other, and for the community – reaching the world.

I said all that to just say something I’ve touched on before.  If you are not a part of a church family, I highly suggest you make it a priority to find one.  Don’t just go to a church, be a active part of the church.  Get involved.  Reach out to others, and allow them to reach back. It’ll change your life.


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    • Hey Lynda! Thanks again for connecting! Reaching out doesn’t always come easy to me, but I was immensely blessed as a result. With regards to the medical issues of yesterday, I don’t feel great today, but much better than yesterday. Thanks for asking! God bless and hold you as well!

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