His Love is Sufficient – But, Do You Believe It?


“His love is sufficient.”  That is a phrase many people know, or at least have heard many, many times. It speaks of God and his love for all of humanity. It speaks of the overwhelming love that He so freely offers and wants us to have. We are quick to mention that it is sufficient, but let me ask – do you really believe that?

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it really is something to ponder. Do you really believe that His love truly is sufficient? Or, are you like many other people (myself included) who tend to think such sentiments are fine and good for everyone else – while somehow being unworthy? Do you really ALLOW his love to be sufficient? Do you believe that you are a child of our God, loved and adored by Him? If you do, then His love IS and WILL REMAIN sufficient. His love will cover all – all your needs, wants, desires.

I have had the pleasure of many thought-provoking conversations recently. A friend pointed something out and asked a question that should make anyone think. “Do you love God?” Well, yes. Of course I do. “Why do you love God?” (Think on that one for a quick reply – I had lots of reasons, many of which were hard to verbalize.) My friend then mentioned that, in His word, God says, “If you love me, you will follow my commands.”  Okay, I get that. He gives us directives – and to show our love means listening to those and living by them. But, my friend also brought up another point. “To love Him means you KNOW Him.” Then followed that with, “…and how do you really KNOW Him?” You talk to Him, you share your heart, and open yourself to knowing His. In doing this, you also study His Word – you open up and emerse yourself in the Bible. It is not something you do out of some man-made requirement. Instead, you read it to KNOW God – to learn all you can about His character, and who He truly is. That line of thinking was very powerful for me. It is a no-brainer to/for some, but I needed this reminder. Yes, I know what the Bible is. Yes, I do read it. But, it is not – nor has it been – my lifeline, my method of getting to know my Father.

Another reminder God shared through a friend today was that God truly loves each and every one of us – simply because we are His children. Do we deserve it? Are we worthy? Absolutely not. But, remember that NOTHING you did yesterday, today, or will do tomorrow will keep His love from you. He went to the cross and died so that you and I could be forgiven. We are not expected to be perfect, and it is – once again – okay to NOT be okay!


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