What Has Your Focus, Has You!


As I was collecting my thoughts, I started jotting down thoughts, or “little life’s lessons” if you will.

Whatever has your attention and focus has you. Plain and simple. This relates to either the positive or negative things. Whatever it is that you pour your attention towards will ultimately shape your destiny.

To achieve true success, you must get rid of wrong thinking. Learn to think and dream big.  Don’t think you can’t do something because….and fill in the blank.

You must do away with wrong attitudes. Attitude truly is everything. A good attitude promotes success whereas a bad attitude will bring failure.

You also need to check your words. The words that come out of your mouth have the power to bring pain and hurt or the ability to heal. Which do you choose?

Wrong habits need to be elimated also. Your success or failures come from what habits you form.

You need to surround yourself with friendships that promote success. Who you keep as a friend defines who you are.

Be cautious to not harbor unforgiveness. It will suck the life right out of you!

One very important idea is to also get rid of self condemnation. Know that you are forgiven. It’s over – don’t spend another minute dwelling on it.

Clearly, I have been taking a great deal of time to reflect here lately. I realized the need to evaluate my own thoughts, as well as the fact that how I talk, the things I say, the company I keep, etc – are all a witness of who I am. If I choose words that are not glorifying Him, I believe am in direct disobedience of Him and His word for me. As a Christian, I have to conduct myself in a manner that sets me apart from the rest of the world. This does not, by any means, make me better than the next person – it just makes me striving to live a life with God at the center. As Christians, we need to let our actions be a witness for who God IS, not who He is NOT. It is my resolve to be a living testimony of His great love for each and every one of us.


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