Having a Vision – Nothing is Too Big!


Do you have any areas of your life that you just do not know how to deal with? (Raises hand) Yeah, me. I know I do! As I was thinking about a few things in my life that have caused a great deal of stress for me over the course of time, I was realizing many things. One issue I often have is knowing how to tackle a larger project / chore, etc. Sometimes there can be just so many things that need doing, it is hard to even comprehend a starting point – let alone how to accomplish the entire task. I realize many things need doing – just have not had the foggiest clue how to set about actually accomplishing them all.

Well, I had a very minor (but huge to me) revelation. What I have been asking God to show me is HOW to do these things. Show me, God – how to tackle things that seem unsurmountable. I know you know, God – cause you are God. Help! Slowly, but surely, I have been getting ideas. But, one thing that came to mind today is having a vision. I need a vision of what I want the end result to be. If I want a clean house, I need to actually get a mental image of exactly what I want it to look like when I am done. Do NOT look at the current situation, so much as the future outcome.

Also, it is all in baby steps. Using the analogy of cleaning up my house – get an overall vision. But, along with that, I also need a room by room (or even section by section) vision. I see what is there now, but ask God to give me that vision. Then, ask for His direction to accomplish the tasks at hand.

It is the same with my spiritual life. I know that I MUST have a vision of where I want to be, how I want to get there, etc – or I will wander a road of the status-quo forever, and get nowhere. I am getting to a point in my life that I cannot stand sitting back and doing nothing. Forward motion, progress, or whatever you may call it – is paramount to a healthy life – physical, mental, spiritual, etc. If I sit around and just wait on God to show up, sure, He is faithful. He will show up. However, imagine the blessing that awaits by being proactive, seeking His face, and shining His light out to a hurting and thirsty world. God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love everyone with a passion. It doesn’t mean He doesn’t want a genuine encounter with every single person on this planet. However, he WILL reward His children – those who seek Him.

God is a God of love. I cannot say that enough. He is also a God of grace. His grace is sufficient to cover all my needs. All of them. Not just some of them. ALL! He is a faithful God. When I lose track of my vision, and I need that direction, all I have to do is ask. Often, that is the hardest part – actually remembering that we serve such a loving God, that we just need to ASK for His help. He is ready and willing to help us. It just requires action (asking) on our part.

No matter where you are, no matter what your situation – God CAN reach you. Pray for his guidance and his light. Just as an earthly parent would take care of his/her child, He will take care of you. He will not let you fall by the wayside, unnoticed. You matter to Him. He cares deeply for you. He is a faithful God, and will touch you right where you are. Pray and ask Him to be your comorter. He is faithful, and will hold you. Tell Him that you want an encounter with Him. Ask Him to be real in your life. Learn to live and breath Him. God loves you with a passion, and wants a personal love relationship with Him. Just talk to Him. That is all prayer is. It is talking to God. Tell Him about your day, your hopes, your fears, your goals, your dreams, and anything else you can think of. He will listen. He hears. Open your heart to Him. He will fill it with His joy and His love. All you have to do is ask. Trust Him today.

Okay, so some of that just came purely out of no where. Well, I take that back. God is NOT nowhere! I know that I personally need to hear much of what I just wrote. However, what I can say is this – someone out there needs to know that God thinks you are important. God loves you right where you are. I, literally, did not feel as if I could stop writing until His message was broadcast. Know that you are not alone, and that you are loved. May God be with you today, and as you walk through the future that is your life. Let God hold you. He loves and cares about you.

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