Sharing Love – People Need People


Something that has been on my heart a great deal is love. As I have experienced even a glimpse at or a fraction of the crazy love God offers us, I am finding myself experiencing an inward transformation. I am finding that the more I personally know of and feel loved, the more I want to share that very same love with people. I am finding a burning desire to reach out to people in love. I want to help people – people I know, but also those I do not yet know. All in all, it all boils down to the fact that people need people. People need to know love. Love brings hope. People need to realize that all hope is not lost. I cannot explain why or how things have changed within me.

It is a hard concept for me to understand, much less put into words. However, what I can tell you is this. As I have said time and time again, my life has been changed directly and indirectly by the actions / love / encouragement from others. It has now become a passion, my life’s mission to love others, and share that same love and hope with them. I think people need to know that they are not alone. People need to know that they matter, and that someone believes in them.

Did you know that sometimes just a smile might make the difference in a good or a bad day in another persons life? It’s true. Simple acts of love / kindness can often make more of a difference in a persons life than you might ever know. I know because I have been the recipient. I know because I am human, and have felt many of these same emotions over the course of time.

I pray that God’s love shines through me like never before. I also pray that He keeps this fire burning bright – that my heart’s cry continues to be for His people – that somehow, He can use me to bring hope to a hurting, thirsty and hungry world. May I, even in small part, be able to let them know they are not alone. There is hope. They are loved.


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