The Beauty Of His Creation


This morning I was driving to one of my childrens appointments and began to think.  I was pondering the day and also what to come here and write about.  Just as soon as I had the thought, exactly what to write about was just before my eyes…the beauty of His creation.

As I drove, I got a glimpse of His magnificent love for us, as displayed by the artwork beautifully painted on this canvas in the world all around us. The trees are just beginning to change colors.  Fall is in the air. The colors are so bright, vivid – simply breathtaking!

So many people (myself included at times) wonder if God is real while also wondering where He is.  They can’t see or feel Him near. 

I would challenge this with a separate thought.  Take the time and see Him all around you.  Take a moment to reflect on the clouds in the sky, the green grass, and at this time of year – the beautifully changing leaves. 

I cannot personally understand how anyone could take in this exquisite beauty and question His existence.  While you may not always see or feel Him in your every situation, remember He is ever present…and you are forever loved!


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