Light on a Hill


This week has been a good week for me. I have been consistantly reminded of God’s grace, love and encouragement from a variety of sources. I, myself, have been attempting to be more of a living, walking testimony of who He is, and His love for others. I have had it on my heart that we are not guaranteed tomorrow. For so many people, the choice to accept Jesus, and follow after the heart of God is something taken for granted. Something that they assume can be put off until tomorrow. Because of God’s grace, it often can. But, for far too many, their tomorrow never comes.

For that reason, among many others, I have felt a passion unlike ever before. I know now is the time to be real.  God is truly a God of love. He has loving hands that are not to short that He cannot reach and hold me / you.

Along these lines, I was paid a compliment today that melted my heart and made me smile. I recently became friends with a person which I knew quickly that God had initiated contact. It was said that a friendship can be born in an instant, but can grow and flourish over the course of time, and into eternity. This is a very real person – with many similar struggles and very real pain. Through the writing I read, I was encouraged on so many levels. It just instilled that God is all powerful, all loving, and full of grace.

Anyway, what this person told me is something that made me smile. It was this: “Matthew 5:14 -You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Thanks for being the city through which His Light passes!!” That may not seem huge to you. And, in reality, it’s not. It just goes to show that the things we say and do really can and do have an impact on other people. What it says to me is that as the days pass, I am allowing God more access to shine through me. As stated before, I want to be someone He can work through – in whatever method He sees fit.


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