A New Day Dawns


This morning began as a carryover from yesterday – and, more specifically last night.  It wasn’t a great night, but I knew this morning had the potential of bringing a different set of circumstances.  Even though not all felt right in the world, I opted to keep an open mind and heart, and go to church.  It was also my first weekend serving/volunteering in the capacity that I did.

I was floored, simply amazed at the impact volunteering had this morning.  As I met and prayed with other volunteers, His peace began to be there in the midst of my minds unrest.  As I began to serve, to reach out to people, I realized just how paramount it is to connect with other people.  I stood there, smiled and just connected with people as they passed by.  I got to see many different faces, all of whom have stories behind their smiles, frowns or tears.  As I smiled and hopefully helped people feel welcome, God made His presence and joy known and very real.

It took obedience on my part to reach out and volunteer.  It was a step outside my own personal comfort zone, as it’s something I’ve never done in church – not in a capacity such as I did this morning.  Were other affected by my being there?  I hope so.  Would church have gone on in my absence?  Absolutely.  Was I blessed as a result of volunteering? No doubt about it!  As I have said before, I firmly believe that the volunteer is often times more blessed by serving than the individual or organization they are volunteering for.

All in all, I learned that volunteering and serving those around you has the potential of bringing life to the situation, and changing an entire surrounding atmosphere.

No matter what the situation, reaching out and connecting with other people has the potential to help more than you may expect.


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