When Life Happens


A very good friend of mine, a part of my much larger family (the body of Christ), had some very profound thoughts – thoughts that were written out and shared with me last night.  In the light of my previous posts from the last two days, the thoughts shared with me really hit home. It meant a great deal to know, and to hear from another human being that I’m not alone – and that they understand the feelings I’ve shared.

We discussed a great deal more, but here is the basis of what was shared with me:

We slowly die, or die slowly.
Dreams fade.
Life takes over.
Shit happens.
We’re either swept up, or keep sweeping.
When we stop living, living stops.

This spoke to me for several reasons.  It’s true.  Life is a culmination of many different events and/or scenarios.  Like I’ve mentioned previously – it’s how we respond and react to those that define our character.  How do you react when you see your dreams fading?  Do you run to catch them?  Do you make new dreams?  Or, do you give up and realize it’s just not possible ?  I’ve often commented that life has this habit of taking over.  It can do just that. It’s what you respond with that will determine if life taking over is a pleasant or an unwelcome situation.  As my friend put it, “Shit happens.”  Yes, it does.  That is kin to when you just look around and realize life just sometimes sucks.  Situations aren’t always going to be perfect, and life tends to throw so many curve balls.  If you fight back, or decide to play catch when the curve balls come your way has the power to make you miserable or cheer the world around you up.  If you allow life’s situations and the circumstances to sweep you off your feet, and to get you unsteady and disoriented, you will remain unhappy.  If you take the broom by the handle, and do your own sweeping – you’ll remain in control and your life will be much less cluttered and distracted.  Above all else, don’t stop living.  Enjoy life, and never give up on happiness.  Hope is real, and it’s yours for the taking.


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