Quiet Time – Is It A Chore??


Yesterday began a challenge to just spend time in God’s presence – to be still and quiet before Him. Many people would see this as a chore. I challenge you – open your eyes, and ask God to help you see it differently. This particular challenge isn’t difficult, but does require discipline. However, as I’ve been getting going, I’m starting to realize how much I’m starting to look forward to it. My heart longs for the time spent alone with Him. This is just quiet, peaceful time – alone, with me and with God. Each and every one of us need this sort of time to rest and refresh.

Yesterday, I went to one of our local area parks. This picture shows just the beauty of this location, and the tranquility. As I sat there, just enjoying His presence and the beauty He created all around, I was in awe. I set an alarm on my cell phone, so I would know when ten minutes was up. As I sat, listened and just spent time with Him, I realized that ten minutes is NOT a long time.

I walked away from the experience in a really good mood, full of joy, and KNOWING I am in God’s hands.


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