Painting For A Purpose


I would like to share something I’ve had the honor of being a part of. My friend Jason Rackow is an amazing artist with a heart and passion for God and for people. Just as an aside, I don’t personally think that Jason has any idea the extent of the talent God has blessed him with. He has an artistic vision that I haven’t seen expressed in the way he does it. His heart is in what he does, and that is made clear. His humble attitude, and servant’s heart serve as a blessing to those he comes into contact with. Anyway, as a part of an ongoing project, Jason is selling paintings to raise money for what he has entitled “The House Paint” Project.

He is attempting to raise money for a home in Nicaragua. It may sound a bit odd, but it’s for a selfless compassionate reason. Women are being saved from the trafficking industry constantly. He is partnering with XXI Stones, and aims to raise $4660 for a new home to house some of these women. One half of the total price of each painting sold will go to this project. Here is a link of the ministry supporting the purchase of these paintings will go to directly: House of Hope Nicaragua

This painting is one I have purchased in support of Jason and bringing love and hope to the women being rescued. It is truly unique. I had to take several pictures, as the details are simply amazing. The pictures I saw prior to purchasing the painting just do not do it justice at all! His talent and heart show in the unique way he creates each painting. Oh, one thing I found so unique is the fact that he “hides” bits and pieces of different things in each painting: clothing, roof shingles, jeans, cloth, string, etc. It adds such character, dimension and texture. It was fun finding the different hidden assets to this painting.

Would you take a look? You can find Jason’s blog at House Paint Project – Feel free to subscribe and be notified as more paintings are created and posted. If you are interested, or end up purchasing any of his art, please let me know. I’d love to see pictures as well! You can post them here in comments, or send directly to me via my Contact Me page.


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