The Man Card: Being A Man Of Integrity (Not Just For Men)


Today at church was the second week of a series entitled “Man Card.”  The series is obviously tailored towards men – but the messages are not applicable only to men.  I know God has been speaking to me and breathing life into many areas of my life. Pastor Scott brought the message about integrity. The message was spot on accurate, and pertinent to anyone who lives or breathes. Everyone needs to listen and take a look internally to the thought patterns behind the message this morning. Today’s service was about being a person of integrity – or rather not so much at times.  What we don’t often realize is the impact even seemingly unimportant things will have on our character and integrity.

It is imperative that we don’t live and continuously put up a facade. No matter the situation – stay true to yourself, and don’t allow your integrity to come into question. Know who you are in Christ, and don’t allow society or elements outside of His word to sway you.

One thing so very important to remember is that it’s not always something huge that will seriously question your integrity. Instead, it is the little things. As a visual, Pastor Scott had a demonstration. I’d like to also share it with you because I feel it was a very powerful visual reminder to show the point. Imagine a well balanced game of Tug-Of-War. The team on either end of the rope are pretty evenly matched. Imagine that each little thing (the way you looked at that inappropriate picture, the way you yelled at your spouse or children, the way you put on a facade and live a completely different life behind closed doors) as being one little slice with a knife. Imagine that each time, a knife would slice one side of the rope. None of the slices alone will cut through the rope, but the combination of them altogether will eventually cut so deeply that the rope will be so weak and will break apart – leading to a complete collapse of those pulling on that end.

Just as with the rope, your integrity is the same way. One small circumstance will not destroy your integrity, but the combination of all the little (and sometimes big) questionable things in your life will chip away and break it down, causing you to crumble. Protect yourself. Protect your family. People who don’t know you closely may not be able (initially) to see through the facade. However, always keep in mind that people (especially your family, and your children) can see right through it. They may not know why, but they know things are different outside the home than inside. Keep your integrity beyond reproach.

I want to live a life pleasing to Him – not one where my integrity is chipped away at, slowly but surely. I don’t care whether people know or whether I can keep things a secret, I want to walk in unquestionable integrity – avoiding the need for keeping those secrets. Join me in praying and asking God to remove the things from our lives that will question your integrity. Ask Him to help you continue to be a living witness of who He is. It is my prayer to be more like Him. Keeping focused on Him is pretty much the only way that’s even a possibility.

Stand firm in your faith and on the Godly principles that you know to be true, knowing that your integrity will shine Jesus well.


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