God Is Still God – No Matter Who Was Elected President


Everyone in the United States (and potentially plenty folks around the globe) have thoughts regarding yesterday’s presidential election. What surprises me is how humanity (Christians included) lash out at each other, all in the guise of supporting the political figure they support. You, like I am, are no doubt passionate about the causes and platforms either candidate stands for or on. This, however, does not give an open pass to attack someone who believes or feels differently than you do. As a Christian, it is important to remember that we are called to be the hands and feet of Jesus – to love people and to set an example of who Jesus is. I’m pretty sure Jesus wouldn’t sit around and squabble about petty details or pick apart the character traits of a candidate He doesn’t care for. As I have commented before, you may very well be the only Jesus some people see.

With that in mind, I cannot quantify the number of comments I saw as soon as the election results were pointing almost conclusively to President Obama being re-elected as President of the United States. People were quick to talk about how this country is screwed. It amazed me the number of times I heard someone passionately exclaimed “Well, now it’s time to really pray for the United States” stating that this country cannot afford or withstand another four years with this president. True or false, I want to address something I feel very important in this equation. Here is a quote from Facebook that is quite relevant:

Well, America – you voted. The electoral college may or may not have voted accordingly. Here’s the deal with that. God is still God. He still sits on the throne. As Christians, you should have been praying for America all along, and should continue – regardless of who holds the office of the President. Pray, America. (But, pray either way is my point.) Pray for this great Nation and those in leadership…whoever they may be.

The entire point being made is that it doesn’t matter WHO holds the title “President of the United States” but rather that prayer should not be lacking based on if your favorite candidate got elected or not. Another comment from Facebook:

I love this nation, and I respect the office of the president. That doesn’t mean I have to like who holds that office. I’m blessed to live in this great country

Many people responded that our country was no longer great, and would crumble because our President got re-elected for a second term. In reality, what this says to me is that many people are relying more on their own personal fears and thoughts and less on the fact that God – with arms that hold the entire universe – is capable of protecting His people, regardless of who is the President.

Something that was instilled in me as I served on active duty in the military is that you should always respect the office of the President of the United States. You don’t have to like the person, but it’s important that you respect the office. More than that, remember to pray. I prayed for President Obama during his first administration, and will continue to pray through this one. I will continue to lift up this great Nation, and all it’s inhabitants. I would pray the same if Mitt Romney had been elected President. I firmly believe that it is our calling as Children of God to pray for the leadership in place in this country. Period. Not just if you don’t happen to care for the one currently there, or not BECAUSE of the one going to be there.

God has called us to be representatives of Him. Before you lash out, or before you engage in potentially hurtful conversation – take a moment to think about who Jesus is, and how He might react in the same situation. It might change your viewpoint on all sorts of things. I know without a doubt that it has mine!

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