Trusting God – No Matter What


There have been a few things this week that cause me to pause, sit back and just talk to God. A few days ago, a health concern arose. A doctor’s appointment was quickly made, and did not go as planned. The news wasn’t good, but further tests are pending. My initial thought was that I did not want to go to either of the appointments because I really think there isn’t a concern, and that it is nothing. I did not want to waste my time or a doctors time with such a potentially trivial issue. However, if it isn’t nothing, it is something. More specifically, if it’s not just commonplace, it’s potentially very bad. If I have learned anything recently, it is most definitely the vital nature of reaching out, and especially asking for prayer.

In speaking with a friend, he had this to say when I explained the situation and asked him to stand with me in faith and prayer: “You got it. Put your trust in His hands, regardless of the outcome…He’s got this!” That statement was powerful and really changed my attitude in that moment. There are several key elements, and they all lead to the fact that God’s in control. He’s the same yesterday, today and forever. He created us. No matter what situation we face, He’s got it…He is in control.

It doesn’t have to be an unsure health situation. It could be purchasing a home, decisions within a marriage, stress or strife, etc. No matter what situation, God is still God, and He is and will remain in control. It is, however, vital to place the situation in His capable hands. His plan for you is good, and never bad. He has a purpose for your life, and it is not to bring you harm or destruction – rather, to bring you hope and a future. (Paraphrased from Jeremiah 29:11)

Though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about the results of the upcoming testing, I know He’s got this. I have peace knowing that He is still God, and He will take care of me, no matter what the outcome. I am, however, believing in complete restoration of how my body was created. Healing if there are issues that require His healing touch.

Join me in turning your eyes to Jesus, and truly grasping hold of the FACT that God is still God, and He still sits on the throne. Yes, I keep repeating that – but it’s important, and worth the repetition! Keep your focus on Him, and allow Him to hold you, and to give you peace and strength – no matter what you face! Remember – He’s got this (whatever the this that may concern you at this moment) and He’ll take care of you!


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