Will You Join My Army??


How is that for a post title? I am seeking to build an Army. Before you jump to any conclusions, no I have not gone off the deep end, preparing a militia. (I have, however, kept my sanity in tact with some light-hearted humor in the midst of some pretty unsure times!)

I am looking to stand up an Army of praying friends. As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I am in the middle of a hurry up and wait situation with some pretty intense medical concerns. However, it is, and remains my prayer to keep my eyes fixed on Him, to put Him first in my life, and to continue to put my trust in His hands – regardless of any situation I find myself in the middle of. I pray that, no matter how everything turns out – that God gets glory through it.

With this in mind, I have realized the necessity of reaching out to others for prayer. After all, God created us as community people for a reason. People are made to connect with others. I will echo what I have echoed many times before: people need people! As a side note, I want to ensure you know that reaching out for help, asking for prayer or simply needing a friend does not make you less of a person. I believe it shows a level of strength not everyone has. It takes courage. Courage is something that is sometimes elusive. Ask me how I know.

I have started asking close friends, new friends, and even some acquaintances I know are strong in faith as well to just stand with me in faith and prayer. I have learned and been reminded numerous times that there is nothing too big for our God, and nothing so small He doesn’t see it. He knows my every situation, and He will know how to take care of me – His child – regardless of anything going on. He loves you with that same passionate love.

Prayer is powerful, and it is vital. God listens to the cries of His people. His ear is not deaf, that He cannot hear.

So, who will join my Army!?


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