Praying For Your Pastor


You will often hear me talk about praying for the people God has in leadership positions – and in this case, pastors everywhere. The following are some personal guidelines that I keep in mind when praying for the leadership at my church. Where there are any names, you can substitute your own. This is by no means a complete list. For me, sometimes it helps to have a focus to my prayers.

First, let’s pray for God’s heart for Pastors Lance, Scott and Chris – and their families. Remember to not speak critical of them, but serve them with love through the ministry of prayer. Pray for them continuously throughout the day.
Here are a few areas to keep in mind when praying:

1. FAMILY – Proverbs 3:33
Pray for their marriage and families to be blessed.

2. STRENGTH – Isaiah 40:30-31
For the joy of the Lord, Rest, Strength – Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Mental

3. PROTECTION – Psalm 91:1-16
Pray for a Shield of Protection from spiritual attacks, from criticism, and pray for their physical health.

4. PRAYER LIFE – Acts 6:4
Pray for a strong prayer life, and personal relationship and intercession for others.

5. DIRECTION – John 10:27
Pray they will be guided by God, and hear and obey His voice.

Pray that they would not be led into temptation, and that they would resist the enemy.

7. ANOINTING – Luke 4:18
Pray for their teaching, preaching, and leading Skyline in worship – pray also for the presence of God.

8. PEACE – Philippians 4:7
Pray for the peace of God to rule their hearts.

9. FAVOR – Luke 2:52
Pray for favor with both God and man – with many open doors to share Jesus.

10. CHURCH – Ephesians 4:13-15
Pray for a continuously supportive and loving church family, that they mature and grow in Christ, and they continue to have a passionate vision to reach the lost.

11. PROVISION – Matthew 6:11
Pray for continued provision for the church vision, along with provision for their home and family.


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