God Or Coincidence, Part 2


Very recently, I made a post about God and coincidence – as it related to praying for my car, and watching it come back to life! This morning at church, something happened that allowed me to ask the same question: God or coincidence?

As I was preparing to video our church service, my camera decided it wanted to test my faith! (Before you decide it’s time to cart me off to the loony bin, I know it is an inanimate object not really plotting against me!) This said, I set my tripod up, and attached my camera. Just as I do ever other week. This time, however, things did not go as planned. My camera jumped right off my tripod, landing not so skillfully on the concrete floor! Looking it over, I determined it wasn’t irreparably damaged! However, upon turning it on, all it showed was a bright screen full of fine static. It would not record, and showed no images or videos saved. Okay, so this is not good. The service was to start in less than a half an hour, and I had this non-working camera. Not great.

It was right then and there that I decided to pray. If nothing else, I knew prayer would do no harm. I did, however, have faith that God could and would work this out. So, I turned my camera back on – nothing. I then felt as if I heard Him say to focus on the light. Somehow, I knew to find the brightest light source around. So, I did that. Again, nothing. I kept feeling like that was the answer…so, once again, I aimed it at the light, and proceeded to try and focus. As I did that, the thing started working. All files that were there previously (but were showing gone) were there. All functionality had been restored to my camera. With minutes to spare before starting to record, my camera was fully operational – as if nothing had ever happened. God or coincidence? I’m going to go with God on this one as well. It just instilled in me that He cares about all things.

I am also going to take it one step further. I looked at this as a practical example of a spiritual principle. Think about the following example. Say you fall down. It’s easy to feel broken, and even moreso – easy for things to not feel or work right. What was once there, cannot be found. You may feel broken, scared or like life will never work again – like nothing will be the same. However, my encouragement to you is this: If you will keep your eyes focused on Him, and – no matter what the circumstances seem like – keep adjusting and re-focusing on Him, things will eventually fall into place again. Broken pieces will be restored. Peace will be found, and life will be alright. With God as your focus, everything else seems to fall into place.

Look to Him and just know that He is in control. No matter what “this” is, KNOW that He’s got this!

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