Adventures With The Little Things – The Little Red Cards



Skyline church has set out on a mission, a campaign if you will, to make a difference – to share smiles and pay it forward – within this community and beyond. As the card reads,

Thank you for allowing me to serve you today. May God bless your life in such a way that you will be compelled to share your blessing with others through The Little Things”. We believe that when a gift is given, whether big or small, it can make a world of difference. Your challenge is to make even a small difference in someone else and spread the love as we enjoy the small blessings of life.

Yesterday, I wanted to put this idea into action. I started working on exactly this, and the result was mind-blowing. At least to me. Here is what I had to say about it yesterday:

The Little Things…I cannot say enough about this. What an incredible experience. I’m honestly not sure if the recipient of these or if the giver walks away from the experience more excited.

I know I have been having a really rough time lately, and the last day or two have just been heartbreaking in different ways. So, as a way to focus on something else – and because I wanted to make a difference, I remembered our little campaign. I decided to be a part of this. I didn’t do anything spectacular, I simply paid for the person behind me in line’s drink at Starbucks. As I drove away, the amount of joy it brought in that moment was unbelievable. I know the $4 and change that I gave did not change the world, but it certainly impacted mine by just reaching out.

It sometimes really is the little things that have the potential to make the biggest difference. Take time today to figure out a way to become involved with this. You may just find yourself touched in ways you wouldn’t have imagined.

Today, I was having some trouble keeping my mind focused on Him. So, what did I do? I pulled out another card, and went on a mission. Sharing this joy with others is REALLY impacting me and bringing such strength.

Another guest story shared today on Skyline’s website:

Today I embraced the spirit of this season and with these little red cards (The Little Things) in hand, I went out, set on making a difference. As I explored, I saw a new business, right in the heart of O’Fallon. A cupcake and coffee shop. Who doesn’t need that? So, after I purchased my own goodies, I left enough cash to buy the next person some sweet treats. I have no idea what the reaction was or will be from the recipient of this little gift, but the shop owner and workers were touched. Their reactions alone made it all worth it. They mentioned how “it is just so nice…a sweet thing to do.” We had the opportunity to talk about God, and also about Skyline. “I have never seen such love from a church.” That is a comment I will take with me and keep in the back of my mind. What an experience. Thank you Skyline Church for this opportunity to make even a small impact in the lives of people around us.

Skyline’s pastor is a person of integrity. He doesn’t just ask the congregation to do something, while sitting back idle – waiting to see results. Instead, he gets right out there with the rest of us, feet on the ground – going about sharing and spreading love in this community and beyond. His heart is with and for people. This is what he had to say about his initial experiences with this: (you can also find a link to Pastor Lance’s personal blog in his response. I urge you to check it out.)

Today I took a little road trip full of Little Things. It began as Pastor Chris and I went to every school in O’Fallon to bless the office staff with a dozen doughnuts at each school. I just loved seeing the smiles on their faces as we said, “We just want to say thanks for the difference you make in our schools.”

Our Journey didn’t end there, however, as we continued our mission to bless the people of O’Fallon with of all things…..QUARTERS. A little change in the coin return of a vending machine (who doesn’t like finding some change), $.75 taped with a card at a gas station air pump (why do we have to pay for air?), $1.50 left behind at a car wash, some quarters strategically placed in the shopping carts at Aldi’s, and my favorite….quarters left in the bubble gum machines at Wal-Mart.

We did reap a harvest of smiles and “thank you’s” in the schools, but our other “Little Things” were done anonymously. I can only imagine what might go through those people’s minds…especially the kids at the bubble gum machine. The image of their smiles make all the difference in the world for me.

I have a few more ideas on my blog page….maybe you should check it out in the post “The Little Things Make A Big Difference”.

The entire scope and purpose of this post is to encourage you to dig deeper. Join in on this. If your church doesn’t have a “Little Things” sort of campaign – create one! You really have no idea how something small can be life changing. But, what has become more important than anything else in this equation is that it’s often the giver that is touched and moved more than the receiver. Give it a try. I’d LOVE to see your stories. Please don’t hesitate to share how this (or something like it) makes a difference in your life or community. As always, you can feel free to use the “Contact Me” page OR posting directly in comments. Keep this going!


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