365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Friends You Can Say Even Silly Things To


I am thankful for all friends. Today, though, I just want to share my gratitude for those handful of friends you can turn to and say pretty much anything to.

This morning, I had a headache.

This afternoon, I had a really bad headache.

I went to lunch – thinking maybe, just maybe, food would help with that. I figured it a possibility since I hadn’t had much to eat prior to lunch. As I get ready to eat, and even eat a few bites, I realize this is the wrong answer. I didn’t feel sick or anything, but my body just was not happy with the idea of food either. So, after a while of pretending I was going to eat and not really eating much, lunch was over.

I should add that I also used some peppermint and balsam fir essential oils, and will do an entirely different post on those later. While they felt good, and helped, my headache would not budge.

So, realizing that God cares about even the small details, I reached out to a couple of friends for prayer. I felt silly, but I know that God answers prayers – even ones we feel are silly! This is a copy of an actual text message I sent to a friend of mine, “Hey, this may be a stupid / silly request, but I have this really bad headache and nothing is helping. I don’t get headaches often. Pray for my head? Haha” As I knew would be the response, they agreed.

Between laying down and getting a little rest, therapeutic grade essential oils, and especially the prayers of friends, I feel much MUCH better. I’m not 100% – but I am feeling a considerable amount better. In fact, I just ate a little of the leftover lunch from this afternoon. My body now thanks me instead of protests.

You see, I am thankful for these kind of friends. To those of you I reached out to today with this simple prayer request, please know you have my gratitude – simply for being one of those kind of friends in my life and especially for your willingness to pray. As we know, prayers make a difference. Thank you, friends!


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