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365 Moments Of Gratitude – Thankful For Peace


I’m thankful for peace in and through a variety of situations. Today, I am thankful for the ability to smile and remain at peace when I walked up to the “patient registration” counter to pre-register – only to be told that my appointment wasn’t today, it was tomorrow instead. Evidently they rescheduled it (I had the paper they sent me with the “right” date/time in hand) and forgot to tell me! That said, I just smiled, thanked him, and called the doctor’s office directly. Yes, there had been a mis-communication. I seem to have a knack at being on the receiving end of those. But, truth be told, I’m not complaining. I am not actually looking forward to tomorrow’s appointment, as much as I AM looking forward to it getting over with.

All in all, though, I really am grateful to God – as, I am learning peace in such a special way through all of this. That, and thankful that He is helping me see the need for grace in so many areas, and in so many places.

365 Moments Of Gratitude – Thankful For Family Time


What included running errands and accomplishing missions also included smiles. Today, we had lots of things to accomplish while out and about. We also got the opportunity to play games together and just have fun. I really enjoy the simple things in life. Sitting here, watching kids laugh and smile — priceless!

I’m grateful for the time to unwind and just spend time together as a family.

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For 12 Years Of Marriage


Yesterday was mine and my husbands 12 year wedding anniversary. Though not always a bed of roses, I am thankful, and remain grateful for these 12 years of marriage. Through the ups and downs, here we remain. Together, we have three beautiful children. It still floors me that God entrusts us with growing them from newborn until they are on their own – hopefully as mature adults with principles, morals and values – rooted in and centered on God.

In a blog post later today, I will share more thoughts on marriage – even with some personal insights on mine. So, I will leave this here and let you all smile (and even laugh) when you realize this is probably the shortest blog post I’ve ever shared!