It’s time to WAKE UP!!!


Okay, so this is pretty much something on my heart. I just want to scream: CHURCH – or anyone who calls yourself a Christian – WAKE UP!  We simply must stop just playing Christian – pretending to be something we’re not!  Jesus has called us to so much more than any of us are willing to admit, or want to do.

Why?  Because He calls us to be like Him.  We take so much for granted, and are very much a consumer driven society.  We proclaim our love for God, but do we truly love Him?  Yes, of course…but, do we show it? He calls us to love our neighbors…to love the unlovely…to give hope to the hopeless…to reach out to the least of these…to provide love and practical help to those less fortunate…yes, you get the idea?  Do we obey?  I mean, truly obey!?

I know I don’t – not all the time.  I’ve recently prayed that God give me His heart for people.  That I learn to love people as He loves people.  I am finding this to be a dangerous prayer.  Not really – but when we truly care about other people, we allow Him to work through us, and step outside of our comfort zones.  We must reach out in love, and show them Jesus.  Our actions should point to Jesus, not to our unwillingness to even acknowledge their existence.

God is impressing on me a call to action…a realization that people are important…that God loves us exactly where we are, and when we reach out to others in love – that is when life change happens.


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