Always Stay Tuned Into HIM


Today, I would like to tell you about my experience with life, and with prayer specifically.

As I was driving to pick up breakfast this morning, I did as I always do.  I hopped in my car, and I turned on some Christian radio.  Love hearing a continuous message through the music.  But, I will get back to my story.  As I am pulling out of my driveway, just singing along to the music, I felt strongly like God was telling me to turn the music off.  I couldn’t explain it, because it was – after all – Christian music.  But, I chose to obey.  Whether God or not, I figured it wouldn’t be harmful to not have music playing.  So, I took the opportunity to pray.

As I was driving, all seemed normal.  I was headed the direction I travel nearly every day.  As I approached the four way stop, it was my time to go.  But, just as I was going to pull out and cross the intersection, I heard an immediate “WAIT!” I had no idea what that was about, but in that split second, I made the decision to just wait.  What transpired next has me still thanking God for His angels, and for keeping me safe.  Within literally 1-2 seconds of when I would have pulled out, a car accident happened right in front of me.  Neither party yielded right of way, and I would have been hit by two different directions.

There is no denying that I was protected.  My point with this, is just that when you live a lifestyle where prayer is an integral part, He WILL take care of you.  If you are tuned into Him (praying and actually listening) He will keep you safe.  Always listen to and for His voice in all things.  Some things may be more dramatic than others.  Some may be nothing more than a God-inspired thought in your head.  Either way, heed His direction. He knows how to take care of you – 100% of the time.  God is faithful, and responds to the cries of His children.


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