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365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Open MRIs And Christian Radio


This morning, I had an MRI of the brain with contrast dye. In short, a brain scan. This is the test that will teach you if you’re claustrophobic or not. Even if you had no idea before hand, you might just very well learn how not fond of small contained spaces you are!

As I was preparing for the test, I was actually okay. There was music on in the background, but I really wanted “my” music. The technician asked if there was anything else I needed. I asked about listening to different music. She told me she’d be happy to change the radio station. I asked her to change it to our local Christian radio station. To my delight, she did. Such enormous peace in the room. As I continued to prepare, and was then rolled into the machine, I had a moment of panic. I wasn’t okay in that moment. I didn’t freak out, and actually didn’t say anything. Instead, I remembered a very powerful word: prayer! So, in that instant, I prayed. I asked God to help me have peace. I told Him something I know He already knew. I told him that I wasn’t going to make it if He didn’t help me. I kept repeating the word peace over and over in my head.

In that very instant, total and complete peace filled the room. I just closed my eyes and began to really enjoy the music. I was relaxed and at peace for the duration of the testing. It is with much gratitude that I say thank you to God for prayer and for the calming Christian music.

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Working Internet Connection


I am thankful when technology works. Not so much when it doesn’t. I have had a few days of internet browser and uploading issues. I was not able to upload to my blog, and never quite determined why. With troubleshooting and testing theories — oh, and much prayer — we’re back in business!

So, yes, today I am thankful for a working internet connection!!

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Thieves!


For those of you unfamiliar with Young Living oils, this title might throw you for a loop! Let me explain…

In recent weeks, my eyes have been opened to the world of therapeutic grade essential oils. I’ve known, or at least heard about them for many years now – almost a decade. However, like much of humanity, I was skeptical. I had no idea how something – an oil – could really make a difference. As time progresses, I will share personal testimonials about how these oils have made a difference in my life. Today, I’ll share a brief, but powerful story.

There is a little oil that packs a big punch – Thieves. From Young Living’s Website:

Thieves was created based on research about four thieves in France who covered themselves with cloves, rosemary, and other aromatics while robbing plague victims. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested for its cleansing abilities. It is highly effective in supporting the immune system and good health.

So, let me rewind and tell you a little story.

This past Thursday, I started the day with a slight headache. It went from a slight headache to a really annoying headache by lunch time. I took my daughter to lunch, and sat there, waiting on my food. As our waiter was conversing, he asked if I was okay. I told him that I was, but just had a really bad headache. I figured I must need food, since I hadn’t had much that day yet. That wasn’t the case. Nothing, not food, ibuprofen, peppermint oils, NOTHING was working. I went home and it progressively got worse. Finally, with the aid of prayer, more peppermint oil and some good rest, the headache was gone. It was replaced later that evening with a tickle in the back of my throat. This did NOT make me happy!

The next morning, I woke up with the same tickle, just worse. I used my “normal” oils, but nothing targeted to help in this case. Fast forward a day.

I wake up Saturday morning (and several times through the night) to a really sore throat. At this point, I’m an unhappy camper. I did a bit of research, and learned that Thieves would be an excellent choice to help my body fight off whatever was ailing it. So, I put two drops on my tongue. Then I put a swallow of water in my mouth and gargled with it. After gargling for a bit, I slowly swallowed. I could, literally, feel it working. I did that three times spread out throughout the day. It felt so much better by evening.

Sunday morning, and I’m not kidding, it was gone. It was completely gone. It was, again, a combination of prayer and definitely oils that helped the duration be so short. I’m grateful to God for what I’ve now deemed is (one of many of) His gifts to humanity! It’s up to us to take hold and use them!

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Children’s Ministry


I just wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude with and for the children’s ministry at Skyline Church. This church is the real deal. Speaking of the children, the children’s ministry is so much more than a glorified babysitting service. I have been to church services before where the kids are taken care of, but don’t really walk away with anything of any substance.

At Skyline Church, I love the age-appropriate songs and lessons taught each and every week. From my youngest (four years old) to my oldest (eleven years old) there is something for everyone. It isn’t dull and boring either. They come home singing songs, and telling me about what they learned in class. At the end of the service when we come to pick them up, they never want to leave. They look forward to the songs, music, message, and any other fun games and/or crafts. It would seem like a delicate balance of learning with fun, but it really makes me thankful to be in a place that has found and gotten really good at that delicate balance.

To anyone involved in making the children’s ministry a reality, please know that what you are doing has (lasting) impact, and is much appreciated – from the children and parents alike. I know my children join me in saying thank you for all you do!

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For The Heart Of A Child


I am routinely thankful for the heart and innocence of children. I have three such beautiful kids. They amaze me on a very regular basis.

The heart and innocence of a child is something that just warms my heart.

As we were at the Air Force base, my son came running up to where I was standing, begging for a “Little Things” card. He told me that he wanted to use some of his very own money to help someone pay for their lunch there in the food court. So, I gave him a card I found, and he ran up and stopped a transaction in mid operation, and asked the elderly woman if he could pay for her food. Both she and the gentleman behind the counter were touched. It was a small amount, only a few dollars, but it had a priceless impact. It impacted all who saw it, but also impacted my son. The pure and innocent joy on his face was heartwarming. After he did that, he came back to where I was now sitting at the table and talked about the whole thing. He smiled and waved at the woman he had helped. She came up to our table and said that he didn’t have to do that, but that she wanted to say thank you very much. She asked if I was his mother. I told her I was, and she asked if she could give him a hug. It was cute – but she wouldn’t hug him without my permission. It was a beautiful sight to behold. God working on lots of hearts that meal.

That same evening, our family went out to eat. As we were eating with the kids, my youngest struck up a conversation (or attempted it) with the two year old at the table across the walkway from us. She and her dad were dining alone. For reasons still unknown to me, God put their family on my heart. As we were leaving, my oldest son (whispering in my ear) said that we should “little thing” them – that he thought they looked like they could use some happy. After walking away, I went and found a manager. I told him I’d like to take care of their meal, and also notified their server, as they were just attempting to pay. Before I could see a reaction, I decided to leave the situation anonymous. I found one more “little things” card, and asked the server to pass it along. I’m not sure what situation they were in, but it doesn’t matter. I followed after the heart of God and just shared love and a “little thing” with someone. I don’t know what it did for them, but I can tell you it brightened my day in a beautiful way.

What I love most about this, is that doing these intentional, though random act of kindness is making a really big impact on my family. I know the things we do touch the lives of those we reach out to, but seeing my children’s giving hearts, and seeing them follow after the heart of God with such passion is definitely a proud Mama moment.

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Solar Powered Cell Phone Charger


I am not the kind of person to buy all the newest gadgets. However, when I find one that makes sense, and will save me time and money – you better believe I’ll give it a shot if I can.

I was recently out shopping and came across this multi-gadget charger. Better yet, it came with a full charge, and is solar powered.

It works as well as any other charger I have, but is much more convenient.

So, yes – it sometimes really is the little things in life — but I’m grateful for one of those little things today!

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Friends You Can Say Even Silly Things To


I am thankful for all friends. Today, though, I just want to share my gratitude for those handful of friends you can turn to and say pretty much anything to.

This morning, I had a headache.

This afternoon, I had a really bad headache.

I went to lunch – thinking maybe, just maybe, food would help with that. I figured it a possibility since I hadn’t had much to eat prior to lunch. As I get ready to eat, and even eat a few bites, I realize this is the wrong answer. I didn’t feel sick or anything, but my body just was not happy with the idea of food either. So, after a while of pretending I was going to eat and not really eating much, lunch was over.

I should add that I also used some peppermint and balsam fir essential oils, and will do an entirely different post on those later. While they felt good, and helped, my headache would not budge.

So, realizing that God cares about even the small details, I reached out to a couple of friends for prayer. I felt silly, but I know that God answers prayers – even ones we feel are silly! This is a copy of an actual text message I sent to a friend of mine, “Hey, this may be a stupid / silly request, but I have this really bad headache and nothing is helping. I don’t get headaches often. Pray for my head? Haha” As I knew would be the response, they agreed.

Between laying down and getting a little rest, therapeutic grade essential oils, and especially the prayers of friends, I feel much MUCH better. I’m not 100% – but I am feeling a considerable amount better. In fact, I just ate a little of the leftover lunch from this afternoon. My body now thanks me instead of protests.

You see, I am thankful for these kind of friends. To those of you I reached out to today with this simple prayer request, please know you have my gratitude – simply for being one of those kind of friends in my life and especially for your willingness to pray. As we know, prayers make a difference. Thank you, friends!

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful For Weight Loss Accountability


I am thankful for accountability – in whatever form or shape it takes. With regards to weight loss, I find that I do much better with the accountability factor. I think it’s like that for most people.

This month, I have started in a local weight loss challenge: Winter 2013 Biggest Loser. For the next eight weeks, I will continue the path I have already chosen. I am eating healthier, drinking mostly water, and being more active. It will go beyond the eight weeks, but for the scope of the challenge, I’m just sharing my thoughts on right now.

Even if I don’t win (which obviously I hope I do – there is a monetary prize) the accountability alone will continue to be worth it’s weight in gold.

If you are struggling with weight loss, I urge you to find someone (or a group) to be accountable to. It does make a difference. I will try and update each week on how my Biggest Loser challenge is going. Along with finding an accountability partner, I suggest you take small steps. You need to make better / healthier decisions. You don’t have to starve yourself to be healthy. You can cut certain things (caffeine, carbonation, excess sweets, etc) and those alone will make an enormous difference. Give it a try? You’ve got nothing (except weight) to lose!

I’d love to hear from you. Feel free to comment below, or send me a message via my “contact me” page.

365 Moments Of Gratitude: Thankful for Organic Bamboo Velour


It’s true. I am thankful for fabric. Not just any fabric though, but Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV). If you’ve never felt it, you should. It’s soft and cuddly. More than that, it’s cozy and warm!

I have an adult size “baby blankie” made courtesy of a good friend. (I’ll do a separate blog post about her a different time. Let’s just say – she’s amazing.)

This blanket is a necessity around here – especially in these cold days/nights.

So, do you have a nice warm blanket you just can’t live without? I know I do now!